Our Company

First Stone Capital  is a small company and it's investment arms, Homeowner Assistance Trust, and People First Trust have been working in the Distressed Mortgage space for over 5 years. We own our loans, and do not the service for the 3rd parties. When we are in contact with a borrower, they are assured that they are working with the lender directly and get the best possible outcome without a middleman.

We are not a third party collection agency.  We are the legal owner and beneficiary of your Deed of Trust or Mortgage.  Our goal is to work with you to determine the perfect solution for you.  We make it a point to understand and assess every borrower’s personal situation and struggles before trying to create a plan that will work for you.  The most important step in this process is to contact us as soon as possible.  Once you speak with us you will realize that we are not a typical big bank.  Our workout specialists know our clients by name, not number, and want to build a friendly, long term relationship with you.  We understand that times have been hard for most people, and that there are inevitable twists and turns in life.  We are flexible and understanding, and we want to see you succeed.  Contact Us Today to start developing your plan with one of our dedicated workout specialists. 


“First Stone Capital delivered everything they promised. They helped me resolve my delinquent loan issue and save my home."

- Axel G,  

  Miami, FL

"I was relieved to be able to talk to a real person on the phone and discuss my issues. They worked closely with me and helped me reach a short payoff quickly. I was able to put this issue to rest and focus on my business and life."

Monty T.

 Atlanta, GA